Top 15 Best Rated Backpacks For all uses

The importance of finding best backpack in our lives can never be over emphasized these days. And as time changes, new backpacks with new features are being invented and shipped to everyone. You would find pure leather backpacks that are waterproof, backpacks that come with power banks for your phones and laptops, backpacks that can carry multiple laptops at a time, backpacks that come with multiple pockets to store your accessories, and the ones that double as a travelling backpack for long distance trips and so on.

I could go on. The list is endless.

Another reason why backpacks are really important is that there is no particular restriction to what you can do with them. You can store clothes in them, use them to carry your gadgets or simply deliver products with them. Their uses are as endless as their names and types.

The 5 TOP-Rated Best Backpacks LIST:

NameBest forRatingImage
1. MATEIN’S BackpackOverall4.9/5best backpack
2. Polare Leather BackpackLeather4.8/5best leather backpack
3. Yorepek 19 InchExtra large4.8/5best extra large backpack
4. Peak Design EverydayBest camera4.7/5best camera backpack
5. Nubily Laptop BackpackMulti function4.7/5best laptop backpack

Backpacks come in different shapes and sizes but what are the best backpacks out there today? I have all the answers for you here.

Best Rated Backpack list for Every category:

Imagebest backpackbest backpack for travelbest backpacks for workbest camera backpackbest budget backpackbest backpack for hikingbest laptop backpack
Best forOverallTravelWorkCameraValueHikingLaptop
PriceCheckCheckCheck Check Check CheckCheck

Best rated College and school backpacks list:

Imagebest backpack for collegebackpack for schoolbest backpack for schoolbest backpacks for toddlers
Best forCollegeSchoolkidsToddlers

The best 15 Backpacks Reviews:

1. Best overall: MATEIN’S Durable Laptops Backpack:

top 3 overall backpacks

If you’re looking for a multipurpose water resistant backpack then this is the one for you. Matein’s durable laptop backpack is over 15 inches long and comes with a USB charging port for both normal USB and USB C devices.

This backpack is unisex so it fits both men and women. It is also lightweight so kids in middle school can use it as well. The weight of the backpack is heavily influenced by the items you put in it, not the backpack itself.

And if you feel like it’s too tight or loose on you then the straps will come to your rescue. It comes with adjustable straps on both hands and an extra strap for luggage in case you choose to strap the backpack to a travelling backpack while on a long trip. It also comes with hanging clasps in case you decide to get an extra strap or strap other accessories and items to the hanging clasps. There is a very solid handle at the top of the backpack that lets you lift it vertically when you don’t want to carry it on your shoulders.

One of the unique things about this backpack is that it is not limited to just one use or purpose. It is a multipurpose backpack. You can attend business meetings with it especially if you’re a techie. There is a compartment in the backpack specially made for documents and notebooks. You can take it to school as your laptop will fit in perfectly. A 13 inch Macbook will fit in perfectly and there would still be enough room for other items. A 15 inch laptop will fit in as well.

There are elastic side pockets on both sides of the backpack for water bottle and other accessories you would usually put in the side of a backpack. It also comes with an anti-theft rear pocket at the waist section in front, just before the bottom of the backpack.

top 3 overall backpacks

Good to know:

I doubt you would ever run out of space or pockets in this backpack. The outer region is even bigger and can take a camera, headsets, clothes, books and other items you would pack in any big backpack. It has a smaller outer section that contains pen pockets, phone pockets and a key holder for your car and house keys.

The backpack is quite easy to clean and maintain. You can scrub it with soap water or dump it in a bucket filled with water but be careful when doing that. You are required to be mindful of the USB connection on it, else, you will damage it. You would hardly need to wash it but wash carefully if it comes to that.

It is not only great quality but amazing price, making it one of the cheapest, most advanced backpacks in this list.

2. Best leather Polare Cowhide Leather Backpack

top 3 overall backpacks

Polare’s cowhide backpack is one of the most durable backpacks on earth. It is entirely made with cowhide leather, tough zips and straps that resist water. It might look like a hiking-only backpack on the outside but it is very decent on the inside and can be used for travelling, shopping and you can also carry it to work.

It can fit a 16 inch laptop, 2 camera lenses and a camera itself. This is one of the perfect backpack for travelling as it can take a lot of clothes and accessories. It also fits perfectly under the seats of airplanes.

A lot of backpacks come with promises such as water resistance and durability but most of them do not last up to 5 years. This backpack is different.

This backpack can last up to 15 years of usage time without ripping or cutting. It comes with 1 year warranty so you can return it within the first year of purchase and get a replacement or refund. It’s that solid.

The leather is also very tough so you don’t have to worry about items in the backpack damaging while in the backpack. The backpack could get pretty heavy depending on the load you carry with it but that’s where the handle comes in.

It comes with a sturdy handle for carrying the backpack with your hand when you don’t want to carry it on your back. It comes with 3 pouches with hooks and loops at the back to keep contents in the backpack safe and 2 extra zip pockets in case you need more room for your items or accessories.

top 3 overall backpacks

The straps are tough and also adjustable for both shoulders. They are both made with matching leathers that fit the backpack perfectly.

3. Best extra large: Yorepek 19 Inch Travel backpack

top 3 overall backpacks

Take a second and think about all the best features you want your next backpack to have? Anti-theft zip? Over 15 pockets? Water resistance? USB ports? Headphones port? Are any of my guesses correct? This backpack has them all!

This backpack comes highly recommended by Amazon and it is the future when we talk about backpacks you should consider buying anytime soon or as soon as possible.

It is a little over 19 inches in size and can take a 17 inch laptop, finally. You don’t see a lot of backpacks that take 17 inch laptops and other every day. Speaking of gadgets, it also comes with a USB charging port for normal USB/USB C phones and a headphone hole for your headphones.

The backpack is pretty loaded with features and you can only be limited by the things you do with it. You can take it to day and night classes, tech meetups and work, hiking, picnics and more. You can also go on trips with it. The backpack is TSA approved and very easy to scan at the airport. The zips on the main compartment of the backpack can be opened all the down to the bottom, allowing the backpack to stretch out flat like a rug.

top 3 overall backpacks

Other notables:

Like most popular backpacks, it has elastic nets on both sides for storing water bottles, snacks and you can also hang your phone there if you need to put it somewhere temporarily. The zips on the outer parts of the backpack have holes in them so you can lock them with security keys at any time.

It also comes with a strap for other luggage in case you decide to strap it to a travelling bags while on a trip.

These are the overall best backpacks on Amazon at the moment. The rest might come close but they would not have these many features, have multipurpose uses or last longer while being affordable as well.

4. Best backpack for travel

SwissGear 1900 TSA backpack

Best backpack for travel

One of the most painful sounds in the world is the sound your backpack makes when it tears or rips in the middle of nowhere while you’re on a trip or far from home. It’s heartbreaking. I know this for sure that’s why I am recommending the best backpack for travel to you. The SwissGear 1900 TSA backpack.

This backpack is like the T-800 of backpacks and I’m not the only one that thinks so. The 9000 ratings from users on Amazon are right behind me.

This 19 inch backpack comes with all the features you would need to travel from one country and state to another. The zips open all the way down to the bottom without spilling the contents in the backpack so you can easily get it scanned at the airport and borders. It is made with a 1200D ballistic polyester that can stand stress, pressure and also resist water that’s why I call it the T-800. The Terminator backpack.

Its elastic 19 inch size makes it easier for you to carry more than one device at a time. So you can put your 17 inch laptop, ipad or tablet in the backpack among so many clothes and it would still feel comfortable. Speaking of comfort, the straps on both sides of the backpack are built with breathable mesh fabrics so your hands will not get sweaty while carrying the backpack on your shoulders.

Best backpack for travel

It comes with 2 side pockets for you’re your water bottles and a zip mesh accessory pockets on the insides for your cords and cables. Still on the inside, you would find a compartment for important documents and smaller pockets for phones, power banks, pens and other small items.

Extra Features:

The backpack also comes with a few extra features that make it the perfect travelling backpack. Some of them are: a carabiner at the front, a quick access zip pocket for your shades, glasses or small items you might night to reach out for from time to time and a removable key holder/fob for your keys.

There are so many travel backpacks out there but this is the toughest of them all and it is for both men and women!

5. Best backpack for work

Kroser Laptop backpack

Best backpack for work

Kroser Laptop backpack is reported by over 1800 buyers on amazon as one of their go-to backpack for work. It is 17 inches deep so you don’t have to worry about where your 15 inch MacBook and food should go but that’s not the only reason why it is selected for work.

The backpack is very durable on both men and women and it also comes with large compartments for work items and gadgets. It comes with a main compartment for large devices, a power bank compartment, 2 pen pockets, an accessory pouch for codes and a few more pockets in case you need to add anything else in the back.

Everyone believes that school and work backpacks should be sleek because we all want to look and feel comfortable on our way to school or work. So whatever you don’t need or not using on the backpack should be able to fold in or zip in until you need it.

Kroser Laptop backpack is reported by over 1800 buyers on amazon as one of their go-to backpack for work. It is 17 inches deep so you don’t have to worry about where your 15 inch MacBook and food should go but that’s not the only reason why it is selected for work. The backpack is very durable on both men and women and it also comes with large compartments for work items and gadgets. It comes with a main compartment for large devices, a power bank compartment, 2 pen pockets, an accessory pouch for codes and a few more pockets in case you need to add anything else in the back.

It is also a minimalist’s backpack in case you’re the type that doesn’t like too many features on a backpack. Every part or pocket in this backpack has a zip so you can zip them up when you don’t need them. This includes the side pockets.

The pocket on the left side is very deep and can be used for your water bottle or any similar items that should go in pockets. The right side also has a similar pocket but for phones, tablets or other digital accessories. It comes with a USB port for all USB devices so you can put a power bank inside the backpack and extend it out with the USB charging port to charge your phones.

best backpack for work

Check the best backpacks for women

The straps are very classic and really thick for comfort. The left strap comes with a glass hook for your glasses and sun shades.

The backpack is also water-repellent meaning liquids will bounce off when they drop on it. The material does not retain water and other liquids.

6. Best Backpack for college

Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack

Best Backpack for college

If you’re looking for a comfortable backpack to go back to college or resume with then this is it! It it specifically recommended for college students for three reasons:
It has 6 compartments for all your snacks and accessories. Two of these compartments are side pockets for your water bottles, soda and other fluids you might take while in classes or on the move.

It also has a lot of room for books in the main compartment. There is another compartment with a cushion for your laptop or notebook. The cushion was added to keep your device in place and not shake or make you uncomfortable while you walk.

In terms of space, this backpack can carry any 15 inch device and no one would even know you’re carrying that device. It also comes with the USB cable charging port that most modern backpacks have these days.

The second reason is because it is water resistant. An Amazon buyer mentioned taking a misty hike in Scotland. Her pants were wet but nothing happened to the contents of the backpack. It was only a bit wet on the outside. This is a need to know because you would mostly be carrying books and laptops while in college and you wouldn’t want water and other liquids to get into the backpack you use.

The last reason for recommending this backpack is because it feels just like a school backpack when you’re carrying it.

The straps are adjustable, of course, and they are made with honeycomb cushion material that feels really comfortable to hold and helps relieve spinal pressure if you ever overload the backpack with contents such as clothes, cameras, textbooks, laptops etc.

Best Backpack for college

The material is made with 600D nylon fabric that is very easy to clean and it dries up pretty fast if any part of it gets wet.

It currently has over 2800 ratings on Amazon by buyers who also recommend it for kids and praise it for blending into any cloth they wear while carrying the backpack.

7. Best everyday backpack for camera

Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L:

Best everyday backpack for camera

Check the best camera backpack list here.

What’s the purpose of an everyday backpack if it can’t carry some of your clothes to the laundry or stretch a little to take your camera and lenses, laptop and even drones?

An everyday backpack should be multipurpose and it should go with you while you’re checking out the new town you just moved into or simply looking for a café to work in without looking like you forced your gears into it.

Peak Design’s 20L backpack is the perfect answer to questions and needs for an everyday backpack. The backpack looks small on sight but you can expand it to as much 20 litres to fit a full frame DSLR and even 4 lenses. That’s massive!

Also, you would no longer have to buy a utility backpack if you have this particular backpack. It has utility pockets that can be used to store batteries, pens, power banks and memory cards.

You can carry it to work especially if you work outdoor. It would house drills, harmers, nails and even some words.

Best everyday backpack for camera

 It’s also perfect for door to door deliveries as there are enough room in it for food, papers and other products. You can also use it to store clothes for laundry or go hiking with it. You would never run out of space in this backpack.

Enough about cameras and professions. It comes with waterproof zippers to prevent water from getting into the backpack.

Best everyday backpack for camera

It’s also a multipurpose backpack because of the size. So it would completely blend in with other travelling backpacks if you wish to travel with it. It comes with a strap for rollers and an external strap at the back for your gears and accessories. I’m tempted to not mention you can strap your camera to the extra strap but, oh well, I just did.

8. Best value backpack

Travel Laptop Backpack Water Resistant Anti-Theft:

Best value backpack

The best value backpack on Amazon is this Tzowla multipurpose backpack that costs an amazing price. It is 17 inches in size and can take a 15 inch laptop smoothly.

It is also water resistant with USB and headphone ports for Android and iPhones. You can plug a small earpiece to the headphone ports as well. It would fit just fine.

A best value backpack is a backpack that won’t cost too much money, will last long and also have the features that other modern backpacks have. When I say features, height, space and the little things a backpack provides are all features of that backpack.

This backpack is also a bridge between vintage backpacks from early 2000s and this decade. I will explain why; the main compartment comes with an analog combination lock for safety. The analog combination lock is really nostalgic to a lot of people because it reminds them of the first few backpacks they had in the early 2000s.

You never have to worry about robbery when you activate the analog lock. The metal zips on the backpack also come with holes in case you want to lock them with a small key. The zips are very durable.

Best value backpack

For comfort, it comes with 4 straps instead of the usual two in front and they are all adjustable. Like other backpacks in the market, it comes with a deep pocket on both sides of the backpack and you can use them to store water bottles or simple hang your device there.

Another name for this backpack should be “low-budget-backpack” as it has all the features anyone would pay 5 times for. It also comes with a thick strap for luggage in case you need to travel with it.

9. Best backpack for school

Volher School backpack:

Best backpack for school

Three words; Volher Computer Backpack. This backpack is the perfect workstation backpack for those who are really interested in both technology and education. The main compartment comes with one large pouch for 15 inch laptops and notebooks and two other pouches for tablets and mouse.

The main compartment also contains a smaller compartment where you can hang your power bank so you can charge your phone with the USB cable port on the outside. It doesn’t end with that single port.

There is a second port for headphones and earpiece if you would like some music while carrying the backpack. The second compartment comes enough room for books, magazines and journals.

An interesting thing about backpacks for school is that they are not usually used for carrying books all the time. Some days you just want to go hiking with the same backpack or leave your laptop at home and stuff your video game console, some pads, headphones and some snacks in the backpack and just hang out with friends for the rest of that day.

Best backpack for school

The straps are very therapeutic to hold and helps relieve pressure when you carry heavy gadgets, textbooks and accessories with it. And yes, there are compartments on both sides for jotters, snacks and water bottles.

You can grab it on Amazon for $38. The all-black color is my favorite version of the backpack as it makes me feel like Batman but pay no mind to my preference. You can get it in blue, grey or even rose red. It all depends on your color preference.

10. Best backpack for hiking

TETON Sports Oasis 1100 Hydration Pack:

Best backpack for hiking

It’s TETON Sport’s hydration backpacks. Teton makes some of the best hiking backpacks in the world. These backpacks come with a free 2 or 3-litre hydration bladder that is very easy to clean because it has a 5cm opening. The size of the opening also makes it very easy to clean.

The bladder comes with a lengthy straw that is carefully crafted to fit the bag’s design. The current backpack we’re looking at comes with 2-litre hydration bladder that would serve you for as long as you’re in the field, on the run or cycling.

Choosing the best backpack for hiking can be stressful sometimes especially for those going on a hike for the first time. You would have to consider so many factors and features even after you have a picture of what the backpack should look like. Some of these key features includes hydration packs, original weight of the backpack before you put your items in it. And of course the durability of the backpack because you would scratch it on surfaces while hiking. Some hiking tools in your backpack might damage the material as well. So what is the best hiking backpack on Amazon, you ask?

Best backpack for hiking

The backpack is also multipurpose in areas of sports so you can go skiing, hunting, running, cycling or biking with it, not just hiking. The shoulder straps can be adjusted to any length until they fit your body perfectly for steady motion and movement. There are also other straps on the backpack that lets you adjust the height and weight of the load in the backpack. It’s also gender fluid so there is no model for men or women separately. It can both be used by men and women.

The material of the backpack is very lightweight and durable. The shoulder and back straps are made with mesh materials that dry really fast and lets air into the backpack when you run or cycle so it doesn’t cause more sweat and discomfort.

Although it comes with a hydration bladder, there are compartments on the side if you prefer to carry your own water bottle or extra water while going on long distance journeys. The side compartments are quite deep, so you can stuff your socks or other accesories there as well.

Best backpack for hiking

Lastly, it comes with a sewn-in rain cover that you can use to cover the backpack if you ever get stuck outside in the rain with delicate gadgets in the backpack. Check the best gym backpacks here.

Some maintenance tips for the backpack and the bladder

  • Only store water in the hiking backpack’s bladder. Alcohol and other drinks might ruin the backpack or lead to bacterial infection.
  • Keep the backpack and bladder away from extremely hot objects or water as they would damage the backpack and bladder.
  • Always clean the bladder after use so it would be neat the next time you’re going on a run or hiking.
  • You don’t have to dry the bladder in under sunlight but do so for a few minutes if you have to.

11. Best backpack for kids girls

Girls Backpack Unicorn 15″

Best backpack for kids girls

This backpack is made with soft PVC nylon which is completely water and stain resistant so you don’t have to wash it every weekend because someone rubbed their not-so-clean palm or dropped ice cream on it. If it gets too dirty then simply clean with soap water and a piece of cloth.

My assurance is that it can never get so dirty that the stains won’t go away. It is not recommended you wash it with hot water as it might ruin some of the cool designs on the backpack.

Kids love magical creatures, super heroes and colors. Not for attention but the stories behind them. It excites them, motivates them and makes them happy.

Inhnome’s Captain America Waterproof backpack is every kid’s dream for a backpack. Before you stop reading, hear me out.

The height of the backpack is 15 inches and it comes with two large compartments for both exercise books and textbooks. It also comes with a lunchbox attached to it so you don’t have to buy a separate lunchbox during purchase on Amazon.

The size of the backpack also allows Macbooks and toys to fit perfectly into it without hassles.

Best backpack for kids girls

The zips are made of steel with the Captian America shield serving as a handle so kids can get a good grip before unzipping the backpack. The handle and straps are very spongy to help ease the weight of books on a child if the backpack is loaded with thick books.

This backpack is suitable for kids of 4 years and up and it is also one of the most affordable backpacks for kids on Amazon.

12. Best laptop backpack:

Nubily Laptop Backpack 17 Inch:

Best laptop backpack

The best laptop backpack is this 17 inch waterproof backpack by Nubily, a multipurpose backpack manufacturing company. It comes with enough space for all laptop size in this day and age. It can also carry your PS4 and Xbox consoles alongside the laptop.

The main zipper can open freely to up to 180 degrees, making it easy for you to pack properly while travelling or getting it scanned at the airport.

All modern backpacks are becoming more and more laptop compatible these days but you can’t have a single backpack that comes with all the features and comfort your laptop would ever need. Or can you? Check the best laptop backpack list.

It comes with a USB charging port and a compartment on the inside for your powerbank. Then there is a headphones port at the top (just below the handle) for phones and iPods. It is also water resistant and there is an easy access pocket at the back where you can tuck your iPad, novel or tablet while on the road. Just picture Captain America tucking his shield behind him. That’s how it would feel.

Best laptop backpack

The front of the backpack comes with vents so you would not feel sweaty while carrying the backpack around. The backpack is for both men and women and it is very affordable on Amazon.

13. Best clear backpack

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14. Best one shoulder backpack

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15. Best backpack for toddlers:

The best toddler backpack list is here. or the pre-school backpacks is here.

best backpack for toddlers

Some tips to help you pick the Best Backpack

Return/Refund policy:

This should not be the first to you should see on this list but I don’t want to forget it. Make sure the backpack company allows for a return and refund if the backpack is damaged or defected.

Ask for specific keywords:

No. Not just on amazon store’s search page but the questions and answers section on the product page. That section has a search feature that lets you find already asked questions with their answers. This helps a lot. So if a backpack is reportedly not as strong or decent as the description says you would know.

Make a list:

List out the features you want in a backpack and search Amazon or this page with those keywords. We have covered so many backpacks on this page alone.

Weather conditions:

Believe it or not, some backpacks don’t do well under certain weather conditions. For example, a water-repellant backpack would retain water under a heavy rain while a water-resistant water might not. Hydration bladders in hiking backpacks cannot stand heat as well so it is not safe to leave them in the sun for a long time.

Watch a video on how to select a backpack

Lastly, not all modern backpacks are machine washable. You might damage the headphone or USB ports if you put them in a washer. Be sure to ask and check for these things.